360 Degree Feedback

A ready-made survey that gives you a precise 360 degree view of how stakeholders experience each supervisor.

This 40-question survey is the result of a long development with our hundreds of customers. The 360 evaluation goes through all the essential issues related to leadership, decision-making, communication and development, giving the supervisor an accurate picture of his strengths as well as the things that the stakeholders hope him/her to develop.

Try this survey in action:


See how interactive report works with this survey:

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Create 360 Degree Feedback NOW – It’s this easy:

  1. Select the survey.
  2. You can edit the questions, or use them as they are. It is a good practice to add list of supervisors to select which supervisor is evaluated and a choice question to select evaluee's role in relation to the evaluated supervisor.
  3. Customize the visual look of your survey the way you want it. The easiest way to do this is to just enter the address of your website. Our Design Bot will then create your own beautiful design automatically, downloading fonts, colors, logos and wallpapers from your website!
  4. Download the respondents' e-mail addresses to Zeffi under Contacts. The easiest way to do this is if you have an Excel document with the first column containing the e-mail addresses of the respondents, the second column containing the name of the supervisor, and the following columns the information you want to use in the report. Copy-paste the contacts directly into Zeffi. Then create a short and friendly email invitation that you send to respondents. If necessary, you can send them reminders later.
  5. Go to the report to analyze the results of the survey. The report is interactive and shows super deeply what the respondents really think, so that you understand at one glance the strengths and things to develop. If you have the Zeffi Genius license, you can save a report for each supervisor that shows only the feedback given to him, and share the report with him / her.


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