Creating Surveys is easy. No matter if you're experienced or beginner.

Intelligent Question Types

2D and Slider questions are powered with patented method (Intelligent Zoom) highlights which development targets matter the most - with just one click!

Branding made super easy

Just by entering a URL, Design Bot fetch you right fonts, colors and images. You can also upload pictures from your desktop or find stock photos from Unsplash.

Unlimited number of users

Number of users is not limited. Feel free to add even those users who make surveys once a year. Enhanced collaboration features.

Discover Ready-Surveys

Wide variety of Ready-Surveys built by survey professionals. Templates give you a good starting point so you don't have to start from the scratch, unless you want to.

SMS Invitations

Inviting respondents by SMS gives higher conversion rates. Mobile optimized respondent view.

Mobile First

You can build mobile, tab and desktop view easily at one time. Mobile optimization by default.

Collect Google Reviews

Use Logic Studio to collect Google Reviews  from your satisfied customers.

Multilingual surveys

Make many language versions of your survey - all responses are shown on one report. Language is detected automatically.

Logic Studio

Make your survey intelligent by using Logic Studio. Set conditions for each question.

Freely-usable pictures integrated

Unsplash stock photos are available through integration and help you to build surveys that are not just smart but also beautiful.

Scored Outcomes

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Accessible Surveys

Accessibility of surveys can be  by enhanced by using Accessibility mode. Build to address Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1).

Delightful Email Builder

Invite respondents using Email. Easy to use drag & drop builder helps you to make the invitation look just like your brand

Personalized Email Invitations

Gain higher response rates through more personal touch.

 Reminders & Tracking

Monitor response statistics and remind respondents if needed. SMS/Email invitations and reminders available.

Customizing Anonymity level

Choose whether you want your respondents to be Identified, Anonymous or something in between. You may want to limit anonymity to a certain level and use only a few background statistics for instance - while respondents remain otherwise unidentified.

Smartlinks and Hashtags

Share your survey using share links. You may add any hashtag you wish and it will appear on report. You can add multiple hashtags to a single smart link. Perfect for sharing your survey with a simple link while adding extra layers of information as you go. Talking about flexible surveying!

Customizing Sender Name (option)

Customize Sender name to increase email or SMS conversion.

Automatic invitations and invitations

Invite respondents automatically when new members are added to a recipient list - internal or external (integrated) one.

Build process automations around your surveys by adding automatic notifications. Choose which are the conditions needed to trigger a notification. React quicly to leads, reclamations, thanks, orders, ..  

Customize CSS & JSON

Building or sharing a survey does not require any coding. In case you want to, you can use CSS or JSON editor to access code.

Integrated Feedback Loop

Bring respondent data from your CRM. Next, bring responses (enriched data) back to your CRM. Form an integrated feedback loop and you will know exactly how your customers see your services.

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