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Customer feedback

Zeffi has developed a customer feedback tool that is so user-friendly that even customer service staff can easily create surveys and get a very accurate picture of what needs to be done. On the other hand, the insights are easy to share with management for decision-making support.

Feedback can be started using ready-made survey templates or if you already have pre-existing question sets, they can easily be imported into Zeffi. Feedback can be collected from many places, for example the same survey can be used in sales points as well as online or in customer letters. You can easily find out through which channel each feedback has come.

Collect Google Reviews from satisfied customers

Are you currently getting enough reviews on your Google Reviews page? Usually, more is not a bad thing. Our solution: A link can be embedded in any customer survey that takes satisfied (e.g. 9-10 score in NPS) customers directly to give feedback on your company's Google Reviews page. It does not require special technical knowledge and can be easily implemented based on the solution description provided.

Nps survey (including open feedback)

NPS is a widely used and popular way to gather feedback. The survey is very easy for the respondent and is often the first survey that our customers conduct. You are asked if the customer would recommend you and why. It is suitable for a survey that can be done after each transaction. We really recommend it!

Customer satisfaction

This ready-made survey helps in finding areas for improvement. Fine-tune the questions to fit your needs or use it as it is. The questions are about the significance and implementation of various issues. This way, you can focus on the things that your customers expect to be taken care of!

Sales-oriented customer satisfaction

This is a ready-made concept if you're targeting lead generation from current or former customers. You ask a recommendation question and ask those who answered positively for more information about whom they would recommend you to. Up to 12% of recommenders provide a lead.

Sentiment analysis

Do you collect text feedback? How often do situations arise where you don't read the feedback comprehensively or the overall picture is left forming due to a large amount.

Solution: Let language technology analyze the sentiment (mood) and pick out key words categorically (verbs, adjectives, etc.). This helps to quickly gain insights into why you are recommended or in what tone feedback is given by different customer service representatives.

Language technology usually has challenges with inflective languages like Finnish and Swedish, but our word analysis is based on the technology that returns words to their basic form by the domestic Lingsoft and therefore significantly helps to achieve a better result.

Build a full feedback loop easily with integrations

Saka has built process automations around surveys by adding automatic notifications by choosing which are the conditions needed to trigger a notification. After doing this, they are able to react quickly to leads, reclamations, thanks, orders and so on.

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