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Workplace well-being survey - also known as employee satisfaction survey

Personnel surveys are a strong aid for HR professionals and leadership when the information is truly put into use. The time for surveys conducted once a year or quickly mapped is over.

Build a culture of continuous improvement where personnel expect surveys solely for their impact.

Personnel surveys are typically much broader than customer surveys. Large question counts on the customer survey side are primarily limited by the use of time: each customer minute must be used carefully.

We naturally also recommend the same, time-saving mindset for personnel surveys. Although the trend in question counts has decreased in recent years, 40-50 question surveys are still consistently seen. Our solution for the recurring yearly personnel surveys, the ready-made personnel satisfaction survey, is also about 50 questions long.

The survey is built around four-box questions and provides a comprehensive picture of personnel's views on the current state of the organization. The dimensions of the question series include the person's relationship with the company's values, leadership, supervisors and colleagues.

Enps is here to stay

The net promoter score (NPS) has been widely used in customer surveys for a long time. In employee surveys, the equivalent question of "How likely would you recommend our company as a workplace?" is called eNPS, which stands for employee net promoter score. In Finnish, this could be roughly translated as the "employee net recommendation value." It is a simple and effective metric that answers the long-standing need to find an aggregate number suitable for employee surveys, which can be used to compare departments or locations. Furthermore, with a little research, each industry can find its own benchmark data, which is also valuable.

Pulse survey

When measurement is repeated often, the form must be light. Our solution for the frequently repeated personnel survey is the Pulse Survey. In the survey, a few qualitative questions are asked, as well as a recommendation question (eNPS) and open feedback. Simple and effective!

Supervisor performance evaluation

Improving management is a hot topic in many companies. More can be achieved from the development when assessments of management's performance are collected from individuals before and after the development project. An anonymous response method is recommended.

360 degree feedback

Do you want to assess the work of managers in a more diverse way? A recommended method is to gather assessments from four perspectives: manager, peer, subordinate, and self-assessment. Evaluation-specific split links are often created and respondents are asked in which of the mentioned roles they make an assessment. Easy and accurate!

Grab text feedback with language technology

Do you collect text feedback from your employees? How often do you find situations where you cannot read the feedback comprehensively or the overall picture remains unclear due to a large amount?

Solution: Let language technology analyze the sentiment (mood) and extract keywords by word class (verbs, adjectives, etc.). This helps to quickly gain insights into how different parts of the work community are described and, for example, which verbs are used to describe the actions.

Generally, language technology has challenges in Finnish and Swedish inflected languages, our word analysis is based on technology from Lingsoft that returns words to their basic form and therefore helps significantly to a better result.

Recruitment test

As the final idea presented on this page, we introduce the concept of a recruitment test. If there is competition for employees in your industry or you otherwise want to achieve good visibility in job market advertising, a recruitment test is an excellent solution.

In addition to unidirectional surveys, Zeffi is also easily capable of creating interactive tests. How would the following solution sound:

The applicant responds to a few profiling questions and submits a video application and CV.

The most relevant result is shown to the applicant, such as the most suitable jobs or a playful profiling based on their answers.

You receive all the data from one report and can view the applications with videos and the test results. In some cases, a light DISC or BIG5 profiling has been included as part of the recruitment test.

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