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Good researcher! Do you want to conduct a survey without separate statistical packages? Did you know that Zeffi's patented method gives you an accurate and statistically valid way to analyze differences between respondent groups? How can our product offering help the target audience, explained in one sentence.

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Zeffi relies on extensive academic research


Intelligent Zoom™ -method and 2D

 Use 2D questions to gain deeper insight

This question type is visual and appealing from the respondent's point of view. At the same time it still enables strong analysis, as the information is collected from the respondent in two dimensions at the same time - usually the implementation of the requested matter and its relevance. 

The respondent is shown their previous answers in a summary table format. The method maintains the interrelationships between the questions asked so relative strengths and areas for improvement can be identified. This creates a quick SWOT Analysis type framework that highlights strengths and areas for improvement.

  • The respondent analyzes the questions in depth - despite this, answering is not perceived as burdensome. 
  • 2D analysis can be supported with other types of questions to for example collect background information.
  • A graphic report supports relating things to each other and creating an overall picture.

Qualitative surveys

Collect qualitative data from respondents in two-dimensionally with 2D questions or in a straight line on a segment.

Collect background information from the respondents, for example with alternative questions, you will need these in the analysis.

Ask open-ended questions and let the language technology do a preliminary classification before analysis.

Quantitative surveys

Is your goal to collect precise numerical data?

You can get precise numeric values collected on the scale of your choice, even if you use graphic question types.

You can also ask alternative or multiple choice questions that have been categorized with the wanted value ranges.

The best of both

An online survey lowers the barrier between qualitative and quantitative data collection.

Qualitative research produces a large amount of quantitative data that can be used as part of the research process. On the other hand, qualitative data can be collected efficiently to complement quantitative data.

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One license, unlimited users and studies

Zef survey tool is easy to use. 

  • With one annual fee, you'll have access to a versatile research tool.
  • The number of surveys you can conduct is unlimited, and you can invite as many colleagues as you want to become users.
  • The suitable licensing option is determined by the number of responses and contacts you collect monthly.
  • There are free weekly training webinars available, and you can also get customized training for your team.

A wide range of options in analysis

Use versatile implementation options in research planning:

  • Collect qualitative data and utilize Smart Zooming™ in 2D or slider questions.
  • Gather precise background information, for example, with text, numeric, multiple choice, or checkbox questions.
  • Analyze the words (in their inflected form), parts of speech, and sentiment of the text feedback.
  • Filter views from the data and create comparisons based on different variables - this is really easy!

Keep your valuable data in your own hands

The Zef Survey Tool is provided by the reliable, Finnish, 25-year-old family business,  Zef Oy.  The data collected as a Zeffi customer is unequivocally owned by you, and you act as the data controller. ZEF Oy provides the platform you use and acts as a data processor on your behalf. 

  • All the answer data provided by the respondents in the survey and the respondent-specific background information you bring (option) are processed and stored in the EEA region.
  • As a separate service, we can bring the final location of the information to Finland as well, request an offer.

  • Read more about Zef Security and Privacy   >>

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