Post Sales Meeting Self Assessment

All face-to-face sales organizations have some kind of sales process that all the employees follow. Often, the challenge is how you can keep the sales process constant regardless of the seller.

The purpose of the self-evaluation survey is to make the seller evaluate how well he / she followed the sales process every day or after each sales visit.

Better informed sales team makes more sales. Choose this survey and deeply understand the challenges of your sales and directly affect the most important development targets of your sales process! 

Try this survey in action:


See how interactive report works with this survey:

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Create Post Sales Meeting Self Assessment NOW – It’s this easy:

  1. Select the survey.
  2. You can edit the questions, or use them as they are.
  3. Customize the visual look of your survey the way you want it. The easiest way to do this is to just enter the address of your website. Our Design Bot will then create your own beautiful design automatically, downloading fonts, colors, logos and wallpapers from your website!
  4. Share your survey to the respondents in. Create a link to the survey and share it, for example, by sending the link to the respondents as a text message. Add a hashtag to the end of the link and the name of the seller (for example, #JackJackson) to see in the report what every single seller answers.
  5. Go to the report to analyze the results of the survey. The report is interactive and shows super deeply what the respondents really think, so that you understand at one glance the strengths and things to develop. If you have the Zeffi Genius license, you can save a report for each supervisor that shows only the feedback given to him, and share the report with him / her.


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