Website and brand awareness

Social Sharing for virality

Do you want to create test meant to go viral on social media? This type of interactive content can also be built using Zeffi. Optimize how your interactive content is shown on LinkedIn, Fb, Twitter, WhatsApp or email. Potential? We have cases with millions of respondents!

Embedded surveys

Collect valuable data from your website visitors and improve your conversions. You can use it for profiling customers or asking for feedback to improve your site performance. Hint: Many of our customers use picture quizz in their site to see which product would be the most appealing for their customers. Get creative!

Delightful Pop-up surveys

Instead of iframe embed you can also make a pop-up survey. If there is something you want to ask during a shorter period of time or embedding doesn't find it's place, it's easy to go with a pop-up survey.

As Secure, as your data is valuable

Data collection is a matter where compromises cannot be made with security. Our customers include significant players from industries where confidentiality of information must be given special attention.

GDPR Compliant

All information collected from respondents is processed in the EEA area. As an option, we offer processing in Finland.

Your guide to best survey practices

An interactive help center, chat and e-mail support are available for you in the user interface. The survey guide introduces new users to the world of surveys. Free trainings every other Thursday.

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