Analyzing Results

*96,71 % recommend (Zeffi User Survey, May 2022)

Patented Intelligent Scoring Method

ZEF (Z-scored Electronic Feedback) method eliminates the effect of different response styles. Z-scoring answers makes comparing responses of different respondents (/groups) more reliable.

Interactive Reports

Filter responses easily. Build report views of different respondent groups with just a few clicks. The most engaging way to play around the results; skimming out the most meaningful results can literally be just a click away. Analyze also textual responses!

Instant comparisons

Reporting is made for organizations aiming to data based development. Have thorough comparison between different subgroups with few clicks. Save report views which you will need later or do ad hoc filtering for instant views.

Consensus Levels

Report shows right away whether respondents have shared understanding (high level of concencus) or not. 

Most Accurate NPS

Net promoter score (NPS) is a good estimate to your ability to fill customers' needs. Combined with other report features you will have the most accurate NPS available.

Customizable charts

Easily customize charts to your needs. You can switch chart types and combine several subgroups to a chart and see differences clearly.

Share reports

Share any report, whether it contains all data or just a selected view. Share via email or make a public report link. Report recipient has a possibility to filter data.


Sentiment Analysis (option)

Analyze sentiment in textual data using NLP. List textual feedback from positive to negative on scale -10 - +10. See sentiment score for each text response, and average score for different subgroups or in total.

Word Analysis (option)

Analyze textual data with sophisticated natural language processing (NLP) capabilities. Find different parts of speech (substantives, verbs, adjectives & adverbs) as well as most frequent terms in general.

Collaborate in real-time

Share your survey to colleagues with just one click. Many users can edit a survey in real time. 

As Secure, as your data is valuable

Data collection is a matter where compromises cannot be made with security. Our customers include significant players from industries where confidentiality of information must be given special attention.

GDPR Compliant

All information collected from respondents is processed in the EEA area. As an option, we offer processing in Finland.

Your guide to best survey practices

An interactive help center, chat and e-mail support are available for you in the user interface. The survey guide introduces new users to the world of surveys. Free trainings every other Thursday.

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