St. Gallen University Uses ZEF Survey Tool to Save Time and Money


StGallen_university uses survey tool to save time and money

St. Gallen uses the ZEF survey tool for a variety of creative time and money saving uses. This article is about how the University uses the tool to prepare for their events and collect valuable feedback. This helps them to stay organised, understand the needs of their students and to make decisions that help the university to network and profit.

"In saved working hours, ZEF pays for itself quickly."

Perfect for collecting feedback
At St. Gallen MBA career fairs, Students use the ZEF survey tool to report their interest in the specific companies that they learn about. That report is then sent to those companies. The personalized feedback lets each participating company know if their time and resources are going to the right place by attending the fair. As you can imagine, they report that the information is helpful and much appreciated. Meanwhile, the school can keep track of the companies that interest their students. In turn, students gain more valuable experiences, because future events can be tailored to their needs. Everyone benefits!

Ideal for pre-event prep
Being prepared with the right data means you can focus your time and resources in the right place. St. Gallen uses the ZEF survey tool before events for registration purposes. For example, they can chart dietary preferences or student interests. This helps them know their audience and create a tailored event for the people attending. At the same time, it makes the registration process smooth and efficient.

“With ZEF you can send reminders and see who has answered the survey and who hasn't started yet. You don’t have to disturb everyone by sending invitations, and you save time when you don’t have to go through Excel lists.”

Creating value by getting creative
The university has other interesting uses for the ZEF survey tool as well. For example, they created an electronic CV book that allows companies to custom search for potential employees among the students. They also created a “Mentor Me” machine. It lets students search a database of potential alumni and corporate mentors. These are both great ways to bring the right people together and create unique opportunities for everyone involved.

A cost analysis shows the tool's value
When considering whether to choose ZEF, school coordinator Viljakainen recommends doing a cost analysis to see how it can save time and money.

“In saved working hours, ZEF pays for itself quickly. If a company calculates how much time ZEF saves and the amount of improved productivity it enables, ROI (return of investment) is really good. I absolutely recommend ZEF!”

Bottom line: time and money is spent wisely

According to school Viljakainen, the greatest benefit is that the ZEF survey tool saves time and money.

“You can create any survey really quickly, and send invitations via email. Reports can be forwarded straight away which also saves time. The design of the surveys is visual and game-like which increases the response rate. Our students have praised the user experience – you can take the survey, for example, on your way home with your mobile. The response rate has increased significantly!”

Helpful and professional ZEF employees are great!
The school knows that working with ZEF means working with friendly people who make life easier.

“Our employees are very thankful for ZEF’s fast customer service.”

An idea inspiring case
As you can see, St. Gallen use the ZEF survey tool for a variety purposes that all gain valuable, cost efficient insights. How can you imagine using a survey tool to help increase profit and productivity in your organization?


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