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With 25 years of experience with survey tools we have found the best methods to deliver the highest answer rates for your surveys. Fine tuned user experience makes sure your customers enjoy giving the valuable feedback as much as you enjoy creating the surveys.

One click AI-analysis.

The most engaging way to play around with the results; skimming out the most meaningful results can literally be just a click away. 2D and Slider questions are powered with patented method (Intelligent Zoom) highlights which development targets matter the most.

Lead with data.

Increase your customer lifetime value by listening to your customers in decision making. Correct reports from continuous surveys to different organization levels accelerates development of various processes simoultaneously.

The road towards customer centricity is just one click away.

Our values are Love, Passion and Bravery. Interested meeting an expert with values like that? It takes 30 minutes and you can sit comfortably at home or your own office - no sleazy sales guys coming your way.

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It was such a pleasure building our survey on the Zeffi platform and working with the team! Zeffi has definitely raised the bar and I am one very happy customer!

Autumn Jackson
Michael Jackson Brand

Zeffi solves the traditional problem with surveys known as Context Effect and is more reliable survey method when doing evaluations.

Suvi Ronkainen


University of Lapland

I am amazed how good Zeffi's analysis tools and Intelligent Zoom has been. We got concrete measures to work with. I recommend Zeffi to everyone!

Pertti Tahvanainen


Saka accelerating for success.


From big, to bigger, to the biggest car reseller in Finland.

Saka has done tremendous job in the industry by focusing to the customer centricity. Read through which key capabilities of Zeffi has made the difference.

Data flow automated with CRM Integration.

By integrated CRM, Saka gets valuable data to use in their customer service. This way with the integration the customer history data is on hand at all times.

Automatic invitations and reminders.

Saka has built process automations around surveys by adding automatic notifications by choosing which are the conditions needed to trigger a notification. After doing this, they are able to react quickly to leads, reclamations, thanks, orders and so on.

Google reviews are spot on.

Continuous surveys are the best way to keep your google reviews on high level. We all know that unfortunately not all customers end up with happy faces and that may lead to a single bad review on google. Good amount of reviews make sure that single detractors won't destroy your reputation in Google.

You finger on the pulse with Smart reports.

Get your strengths and improvement areas right to the palm of your hand just as they’re happening.

Sentiment Analysis with a multiline title

The AI analyzes text feedbacks for you. Sentiment Analysis recognizes the tone of the text responses and you will be able to see the text feedback from positive to negative on a scale from -10 to +10.

Word Analysis

The wordcloud feature enables efficient feedback processing. It breaks the feedback into smaller parts and you can analyze which nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs can be found in your textual data.

Instant comparisons

Create a quick comparison between different subgroups. You can see exactly how the answers differ from each group with only few clicks.

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Frequently asked questions
What is Zeffi?
Zeffi is a AI-software company that develops electronic methods to increase sales, customer and employee satisfaction. The Zeffi platform combines artificial intelligence and ZEF Oy's patented methods.
How do I know what to ask respondents?
Over the past 25 years, Zeffi has gathered from the best experts in their field a set of ready-made concepts, which you can use to increase sales, customer and employee satisfaction. As a customer, you also have access to the services of Zeffi's 7-person CS team - you don't have to figure out the best solution alone.
Is NPS a suitable metric for us?
NPS score is one of the most used metrics among our customers. We have created the NPS 2.0 concept, which you can use to increase customer satisfaction while also collecting leads and Google reviews from positive reviewers.
How can I easily reach the key respondents?
Plan the customer journey and measurement points - choose the best way to reach your respondents. You can collect information through email or SMS invitations, a shareable link, or embedding the content on a website.
Can AI analyze responses for me?
Zeffi's patented Intelligent Zoom™ method helps you see with one click where you should focus. The AI in the report helps you to find the essential areas for improvement, including analysis of the open feedback, and you know exactly where to invest.
How can I easily update NPS score in my CRM?
You can integrate Zeffi with your CRM and enrich customer data with the latest NPS score and open feedback. Create a full feedback loop with synchronized contact list imports. This is straightforward and included in our support services.

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