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Design Bot

Instantly brand your survey by pasting your website URL. It's almost like magic.

97,95%* feel that Zeffi surveys are  delightful to respond (*Zeffi User Survey, May 2022)


AI Analysis

The most engaging way to play around the results; skimming out the most meaningful results can literally be just a click away. Analyze also textual responses! Test >>

96,98%* feel that Zeffi surveys add value concretely (*Zeffi User Survey, May 2022)

Unlimited number of usrs

Unlimited number of Users

Number of users is not limited. Feel free to add even those users who make surveys once a year. Enhanced collaboration features.

96,15%* feel that creating surveys with Zeffi is easy (*Zeffi User Survey, May 2022)

One: Build

Easy to use, covering all survey needs.


Intelligent Question Types

2D and Slider questions are powered with patented method (Intelligent Zoom) highlights which development targets matter the most - with just one click! 


Design Bot

Enter a URL and let Design Bot fetch you right fonts, colors and images. You can also upload pictures from your desktop or find stock photos from Unsplash.


Discover Ready-Surveys

Wide variety of Ready-Surveys built by survey professionals. Templates give you a good starting point so you don't have to start from the scratch, unless you want to.


Logic Studio

Make your survey intelligent by using Logic Studio. Set conditions for each question. 


Mobile First

You can build mobile, tab and desktop view easily at one time. Mobile optimization by default.


Scored Outcomes

Build multiple outcomes and show the most suitable based on responses. Perfect for interactive content such as product selectors, tests or profiling surveys.


Freely-usable pictures integrated

Unsplash stock photos are available through integration and help you to build surveys that are not just smart but also beautiful.

Google logo

Collect Google Reviews

Use Logic Studio to collect Google Reviews  from your satisfied customers.

Create WCAG 2.1 compliant surveys

Accessible Surveys

Accessibility of surveys can be  by enhanced by using Accessibility mode. Build to address Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1).

multilingual surveys

Multilingual surveys

Make many language versions of your survey - all responses are shown on one report. Language is detected automatically.

edit css & json

Customize CSS & JSON

Building or sharing a survey does not require any coding. In case you want to, you can use CSS or JSON editor to access code.

Two: Share

Extensive sharing and follow-up options.


Delightful Email Builder

Invite respondents using Email. Easy to use drag & drop builder helps you to make the invitation look just like your brand.


Personalized Email Invitations

Gain higher response rates through more personal touch.

reminders & tracking

Invitations, Reminders & Tracking

Monitor response statistics and remind respondents if needed. SMS/Email invitations and reminders available.

Invite respondents by SMS

SMS Invitations

Inviting respondents by SMS gives higher conversion rates. Mobile optimized respondent view.

Embed survey using iframe

Iframe embed

Survey can be embedded to web page using iframe. Survey will be a seamless part of the web page. Perfect for situations when you do not have contact info but a web page with large number of visitors.

Embed survey as Pop up window

Pop up surveys

Instead of iframe embed you can also make a Pop up survey.

Customizing Sender name (option)

Customizing Sender Name (option)

Customize Sender name to increase email or SMS conversion.

Automatic invitations

Automatic invitations

Invite respondents automatically when new members are added to a recipient list - internal or external (integrated) one.

Automatic Notifications

Automatic notifications

Build process automations around your surveys by adding automatic notifications. Choose which are the conditions needed to trigger a notification. React quicly to leads, reclamations, thanks, orders, ..  

Customize anonymity

Customizing Anonymity level

Choose whether you want your respondents to be Identified, Anonymous or something in between. You may want to limit anonymity to a certain level and use only a few background statistics for instance - while respondents remain otherwise unidentified.


Social Sharing for virality

Do you want to create test meant to go viral on social media? This type of interactive content can also be built using Zeffi. Optimize how your interactive content is shown on LinkedIn, Fb, Twitter, WhatsApp or email. Potential? We have cases with millions of respondents!


Smartlinks and Hashtags

Share your survey using share links. You may add any hashtag you wish and it will appear on report. You can add multiple hashtags to a single smart link. Perfect for sharing your survey with a simple link while adding extra layers of information as you go. Talking about flexible surveying!

Three: Results

Not all reports are created the same. Features that let you get to your needs.


Patented Intelligent Scoring Method

ZEF (Z-scored Electronic Feedback) method eliminates the effect of different response styles. Z-scoring answers makes comparing responses of different respondents (/groups) more reliable.


Interactive Reports

Filter responses easily. Build report views of different respondent groups with just a few clicks. 


Instantly shareable Live Reports

Share Live Reports right after you have received first responses. Live Reports can be shared using email invitation to report.


Customizable charts 

Easily customize charts to your needs. You can switch chart types and combine several subgroups to a chart and see differences clearly.


Share reports

Share any report, whether it contains all data or just a selected view. Share via email or make a public report link. Report recipient has a possibility to filter data.


All popular export formats

Exports are needed is various cases. Export in most common file types is available. Export as a .pdf, .docx, .pptx, .xlsx or .csv file is available when needed.

Word analysis with Parts of Speech

Word Analysis (option)

Analyze textual data with sophisticated natural language processing (NLP) capabilities. Find different parts of speech (substantives, verbs, adjectives & adverbs) as well as most frequent terms in general.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis (option)

Analyze sentiment in textual data using NLP. List textual feedback from positive to negative on scale -10 - +10. See sentiment score for each text response, and average score for different subgroups or in total.

Build Full Feedback Loop

Integrated Feedback Loop

Bring respondent data from your CRM. Next, bring responses (enriched data) back to your CRM. Form an integrated feedback loop and you will know exactly how your customers see your services.


Instant comparisons

Reporting is made for organizations aiming to data based development. Have thorough comparison between different subgroups with few clicks. Save report views which you will need later or do ad hoc filtering for instant views.


Consensus Levels

Report shows right away whether respondents have shared understanding (high level of concencus) or not. 


Most Accurate NPS

Net promoter score (NPS) is a good estimate to your ability to fill customers' needs. Combined with other report features you will have the most accurate NPS available.


A product built for team work.


User Role Management

Powerful features for team work. All the user roles that you need: Owner, Admin & User. Bonus: you can share interactive reports also to people without a user role, say, customers or partners.


Collaborate in real-time

Share your survey to colleagues with just one click. Many users can edit a survey in real time. 


API & Integrations >

API's help you to connect Zeffi to other solutions you are using, for example CRM's. Import respondent data or export enriched data through an API. Using Hubspot? We have a native integration.


As Secure, as your data is valuable


GDPR Compliant

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