Towards the Finnish Elections 2015 with Love!


 If you have read our blog before you may have ran into a list “love, passion, bravery.” Okay, you may have seen that list quite a few times. The list is about our values of which love is the first one, for a reason. In our blog we have mentioned love quite a few times: last week we talked about love as a decision rather than a feeling.

But we haven’t given too many practical examples on how the value love can be seen at our every day work. How does love impact on the development our products, for example? 

Our values are divided in smaller pieces which are easy to grab with you for your very basic Monday morning meetings. The value love comes down to these practical pieces: we treat the users of our products with love, we treat our customers with love, we treat each others with love and we love what we do.

(Is this chattery about love already making you feel a bit awkward…? Please, don’t judge us but keep reading – this text has actually been written on Valentine’s Day, the day of love and pink marshmallows.)

If we talk about the first piece, that is, treating users with love – the idea for product development may get a spark from a thought that the Finnish election spring 2015 will be quite rough for Cecilia Candidate. Cecilia campaigns eagerly to be chosen to the parliament, travels around Finland and shares huge piles of flyers. Then it is time to answer to all those VotingAid apps - and Cecilia’s inbox fills with tens of invitations.

Poor Cecilia – it takes a lot of effort to keep in mind which VotingAid app closes and when, what was the link for that certain local VotingAid app and what she answered to that one VotingAid last weekend. This is what we figured at ZEF last autumn and tried to come up with ideas to help Cecilia’s work - with love.

To the amount of VotingAid apps we can’t (and don’t want to) do anything because the time used by answering to all those VotingAid apps is campaign time worth gold to Cecilia. It is actually quite unique that in Finland the candidates can - even with a very small campaign budget - present themselves to different groups of voters, and this is to a large extent thanks to the wide variety of VotingAid apps.

But we wanted to ease all that time-consuming bustle - going through emails and exceling VotingAid schedules… That’s why, for the Finnish parliamentary elections 2015, we developed a new feature: a personal candidate page for each and every candidate - through which the candidates can access all VotingAid apps (created with ZEF) easily at once.

On her own candidate page, Cecilia can with one glance see, which VotingAid apps she has already answered and how many percent of questions has been answered, which VotingAid is about to close - and chat with our technical support. Moreover, Cecilia can answer all VotingAid apps directly through that one simple page. When she wants to find a certain VotingAid app link she doesn’t have to go through all her e-mails but she can find the app on her personal candidate page which she has saved to her bookmarks.

Cecilia’s spring may still be busy but hopefully a bit less chaotic due to that little piece of love. These kinds of pieces we try to sprinkle in everything we do.

How about you, potential voter: how would you like us to develop VotingAid so that it made your life a bit easier?

Please, tell us - but be warned: your wish might just come true!