Service design and added value for your customers!

There is often talk of service design and its importance. It is a new concept, but it has always been present, one way or the other, in the everyday workings of a company.

Service design is a way of working based on design thinking that can be used to develop services and the customer and employee experience in a people-oriented way. The basis of service design is that the service user is at the center of development work.

Service design utilizes long-used methods in collecting and utilizing user information. Traditional service development utilizes market research and customer feedback, which often consists of collected customer feedback and quantitative sales-related information. Such feedback does not always provide information on which to base the actual user experience. In the world of service design, we talk about customers, customer understanding, users and user information.

Service business models have changed the role of the customer from the recipient of the service to the role of a more active user. Service design is based on a holistic understanding of human action, needs, feelings, and motives. Based on customer understanding, new service innovations can be produced.

Enthusiasm is based on observations; it has been found that more and more successful international companies are successfully applying user-driven development methods in their business.

In practice, this manifests itself in various ways of involving users of services and products in development processes. Sometimes users are active parties in development work, sometimes they try to understand their daily lives from a distance by different methods. What they have in common, however, is that the goal is to produce more and create new values.

It is important that our customers can influence the development of the product itself because the product is made for the customer, not for us.

1F73F008-414E-41CC-8418-F3DD7EF00432In addition to influencing, the customer buys the whole service. If we are going to a restaurant where the food is great but the service is poor, are we going there again? Nope. The customer pays not only for the steak but also for the service.

It is therefore important to remember that small things and gestures are decisive. The customer receives from us the whole, a good product, service and functionality. Many things have gone to self-direction and that is a good thing, but customer service is still something that needs to be kept in face-to-face contact.

For this reason, I feel that our greatest added value to the customer is great customer service. We are here and we will help to the best of our ability as soon as possible. We get sparring, often on the same day, online. 

We are with you, all the way. Now and always.

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