Ready surveys

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Looking for a way to streamline your survey process?

As a company we've been in the survey business for over 25 years and together with our customers we have collected good survey practices all the way. As the saying goes, there's no need to reinvent the wheel - why would we not help others on their surveys? A few years ago, we decided that our best practices should be available to everyone and created a library of ready-made survey templates.

Zeffi's ready survey templates provide a great starting point for the most common survey types and, based on feedback from our users, can save you hours of work in creating your survey.

What kind of templates are available?

For customer surveys, our most popular templates are:

For employee surveys, our most popular templates are:

  • Employee Satisfaction Survey. This ~50 question survey covers topics such as employees' attitudes towards the company, management, and co-workers. Though the number of questions may sound high, employees are highly motivated to develop their workplace, so this template is a perfect fit for your company.
  • 360-degree Feedback. Evaluate your managers from all perspectives - how well do they collaborate with colleagues, supervisors, employees and partners? Then again, how do they evaluate themselves? For more insights, check out our blog post: Why 360-degree feedback matters?
  • Supervisor Performance Evaluation. How do employees evaluate their managers? Make management transparent with this survey.

Selection of other survey templates that are ready to use:

Interested to try our templates? Getting started with Zeffi is easy! You can start using our templates right away, and if you want, you can register for an account to save your modified templates and results.