Interview with the City of Oulu: ”ZEFsurvey lights the way"


The City of Oulu has used ZEFsurvey actively for years. We interviewed Susanna Hellsten who works as a manager at Oulu’s educational and cultural expert services.

The educational and cultural services of the City of Oulu utilize ZEFsurvey for a variety of tasks: “With ZEFsurvey, we have handled everything from enrolments to parent-teacher conferences to surveys on pedagogical development and to surveys assessing our organizations’ services in general.” 

Hellsten explains she used ZEFsurvey for the first time already in 1999 when she was working as a project leader: “Back then ZEF survey was, of course, a bit different. It has remarkably developed since.”

"ZEF survey enables you to follow your vision"

Hellsten thinks ZEFsurvey offers an especially efficient tool for realizing you strategy. “Even if you had a vision you don’t necessarily know what to do. ZEFsurvey reports show you the way to go and clarify how to start putting your strategy into practice.” She describes the reports as clear, visual and simple-to-read. Based on the data it is easy to make concrete improvements.

You cannot improve without surveying. Without ZEFsurvey we wouldn’t know what to do. ZEFsurvey directs your actions and offers a wonderful tool for conversations.

As the most significant benefit of ZEFsurvey, Hellsten mentions the ability to focus on the right things at work – and to improve your actions in a way that benefits masses of people. For example, in different kinds of student surveys created by the City of Oulu the purpose is to support students’ wellbeing. Surveys created with ZEFsurvey guarantee that schools can take the right actions when they are based on accurate and easily readable facts.

“I recommend ZEF survey for managament tasks” 

All in all, Hellsten says that the City of Oulu has been very satisfied with all the ZEFsurvey features. “I recommend ZEFsurvey for everything, but especially for management tasks. I don’t actually understand how people can work without it!” 

We at ZEF have enjoyed our cooperation with the City of Oulu and Hellsten says they feel the same. “The cooperation with you has been more than easy when things get done with you and everyone is always ready to help. We just recently had a meeting with a couple of ZEF employees and after that I was thinking how great it is to do these things with you! My eyes were truly opened as to how different things can be done with ZEFsurvey. Its applications are practically limitless!”

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