Interactive Content is the New King


How can you make your content stand out from the mass of blog articles? As the saying goes: everybody is writing so much that nobody has time to read anymore. Brilliant written content will always stand out, but there's a big need for new ways to engage audiences. If I have to bet, interactive content is the next big idea for tackling this problem.

Instead of just asking your audience to read what you write, you should create content that invites your audience to interact with your content. What do I mean by that?

”It is time to move from monologue to dialogue and interact with your followers.”

Think about interactive content, such as assessments, trivias, surveys or calculators. All of these allow your audience to play with the content. Our Minna Rantama recently wrote about the three generations of interactive content, read the blog post here.


Interactive job hunt by Monster

The online recruitment company Monster created an interactive personality test called ”Find Your Calling”. In this assessment, the user answered eleven questions about her characteristics and as a result, she received a detailed personality description. There was also a link in the result that directed the user to the most suitable job advertisements for that personality. All of the job advertisements shown were found on their website as well, but this assessment made job-hunting fun and interactive.

This personality test was also a great inbound marketing campaing for Monster. During the first few days it was used by over 200 000 people! The results have been shared over 100 000 times on social media. Pretty cool numbers, right?

So I encourage you to start using more interactive content for telling your stories. Figure out ways to create helpful and exciting interactive content that people want to share and digest. When your content is good and useful, people will spend a significant amount of time digesting it.

- Tuomas Haapsaari, CMO

Here's a complimentary guide for you to learn how to create attractive and useful interactive quizzes:

How to Create an Engaging and Viral Quiz