How to Become an Internet Rockstar: 7 Ways to Creative Online Marketing

Who wouldn’t like to be the new Jimmy Page or Johnny Cash? To play with a shiny new Stratocaster at a fully booked stadium. Touch the heart of an entranced crowd with every single chord…

Not everyone becomes a rock star. Some of us – actually quite many – end up thinking how to market products in the most effective way. But marketing can rock!

Creative online marketing, content marketing and social media marketing are played in more than one radio station today. And no wonder – even the best marketing campaigns tend to get lost in the middle of information overload. To create a viral wave into your website, you need something new and unique – you have to let the audience hear something else than just covers.

We listed seven tips to make your contents rock, produce viral success stories and new Stairway to Heavens of online marketing.

1. Play with the Best Instruments

Don’t strum all the time with a Gibson or Telecaster – or don't at least use the same pick year after year. Grab new, different tools and aim at being interactive.

Let your website visitors to participate. Instead of mere text fields and pictures, try new ways to spread your message in an interesting way. Your online audience enjoys when they're able to take part, click, learn and experience aha moments.

In addition to the tests and product choosers created by myZEF - different kind of info graphics, apps, chats, videos and comment boxes - are great tools to boost interactivity.

A fun example of the usage of new kind of tools is the UPM tree type test – a traditional Finnish company used a new marketing technic and created a flow of tens of thousands of visitors to their website.

2. Simple is Beautiful

The greatest rock classics of all time are usually beautiful, simple chords combined with a heart-burning solo.

The same goes with online marketing – think simply and embrace clarity. Instead of building a complex labyrinth out of your websites, create a two lane highway. Simplicity often turns into your customers wow experience and spreading the joyous message of your brand online and off. Start with the simplest possible idea – it probably evolves into your next masterpiece.

An example of the attraction of simplicity is Candy King’s “which candy are you” –test. It is a personality test to find out whether you are more like a jelly bean or like a brittle. Guess what? This test got 160 000 users and more than 100 000 leads in a flash.

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3. Goodbye B2B, hello H2H!

The most popular rock stars are humane – just read Mötley Crue’s biography. What makes an artist a human makes him/her interesting.

Don’t separate the online world too much from the reality, but make everything as humane as possible. Whenever planning your online marketing, remember that on the other side of the screen there’s a human being.

Avoid treating your customers as a faceless mass. Bring a pinch of humanity to your websites and aim at creating content from human to human. Replace B2B with H2H.

Aim at bringing the experience of a face-to-face shop into your website (read more here, in Finnish).

The mailing helper in the webpage of Finnish mail is a good example on bringing real-life customer service into web. When building the app, the starting point was a simple question: “What would the staff at the post office desk ask if a customer arrived there with a pair of skis?”

4. Tell Stories in Social Media

A rock star performs and owns the crowd – showing his love to the audience.

People don’t meet to chat about stuff so much on the streets as in Twitter. Empty your brain and let your heart sing in blogs and other social medias. When blogging, write about the topics which interest you - this is how you get a genuine and unique touch into your texts. As many kind of writers, as many kind of readers – you’ll find your audience.

The power of stories is indisputable. That’s what song lyrics are all about: “When I was just a baby, my mama told me, son: Always be a good boy, don’t ever play with guns. But I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die…”

At ZEF, for example, the employees tell stories about their workweeks with #weekinthelife on zefstories Instagram account. The Public Works Department of Helsinki again, is known for its funny not-office-like tweets.


5. Sing with Your Own Voice

John Lennon. Ozzy Osbourne. Jimi Hendrix. No explanations needed, I guess?

The image about the company is, to a large extent, based on its website. Do you want to create an image of funny, colorful service? Do you want to look professional, or have an official way of communicating? Be sincere and let your personality come through in all your contents.

Of the tests created with myZEF, the most popular ones have been those created with a casual, not-so-serious touch. The funnier the content, the more the test gets shared. So, don’t be afraid to exaggerate or play with black humor. Enjoy the creation process and your result will be enjoyable. Lose your useless content control by learning from these viral examples: Ultimaattinen Gämblääjä and "Do you really love Cheek?" -test by Iltalehti.

6. Well Planned is Half Done

Think, how many of the best lyrics have at first been written on a messy paper in a rush after a sudden inspiration.

In the planning stage, shut down your Macbook and turn to every great artist’s best friends – pen and paper. When turning off all the electronics for a moment you may also find a marvelous tool which can sometimes be hard to recognize in the middle of all the pixels – a common sense.

Well planned doesn’t necessarily mean clear lists and mindmaps. Draw different kind of models and do your notes in such a bad hand writing that nobody can figure out what they’re about. In this way, you can sketch whatever tosh – which may well turn into a masterpiece. When sitting behind the screen you can fix the raw material into launch shape in a moment.

7. Be Present and Pay Attention to Your Audience

Don’t leave the stage empty when it’s your time to rave. Come back to play your greatest hit once more when the audience calls you.

Approach your customer actively on your website. One of the best solutions to real time communication is live chat which has also been shown to increase your conversion about 10%. Listen to your customer, collect feedback and improve your actions accordingly.

What to Do Next?

Time to rock 'n' roll!

With myZEF you create a test or app suiting to your company’s image in a trice and embark flows of new visitors into your website – without any experience in coding or user amount limits. Oh, and by the way, the answers – that is all the characters and needs are saved for your use as simple reports which aren’t a bad thing when composing your next rock classic.

myZEF would love to make your online sales rock, starting today. Let’s switch on your personal voice amplifier and turn up the volume!

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