Free training in English

Zeffi's first free English language trainings was on October 14, 2021. We are hosting a free training to all. Sparring for the old customers and basic training for the new customers. Or people who would like to know how the Zeffi works, before making any decisions or purchases.

During the training, I went through the following:

- Basic training where we learned to use Zeffi and build a survey.

- Next, we went through how the share the survey. Options; email, sms message, new share link, new wed Embed, new web popup.

- In the analysis, we went through the overall report as well as how to compare different groups. We created the reports and send it out. 
In the end, we went through language technology, which can be used in open-ended responses. It works in over 100 different languages ​​and makes your analyzing job much easier.


You can watch the recorded training on the14th of October here: Training in English


Next trainings in English: 

See our Free trainings page

Basic training 2pm - 3:30 pm.
New releases and features 3:30pm - 4pm.

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Password: 1234


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Mari Paasovaara

Customer Success Manager