Enthusiastic Staff is the Best Marketing of Your Company

Enthusiastic staff is the key marketing of your company

Some time ago one of my colleague came to the office super excited. He told me that he had just met an awesome person from a great company. He was extremely excited.

I started to figure out why he was so enthusiastic about that company.

I found out that he had had a meeting with a head of a company and the person he met was really enthusiastic about everything that their company did. The enthusiasm had transferred into my colleague. Can you imagine that my colleague had met only one person from that company and his vision of the whole company was that strong? My colleague, of course, thought that everybody in that company was just like the director he had met - excited and enthusiastic.

Imagine what kind of a message and energy your employees would spread about your company if all of them were as excited about your company as the director my colleague had met. The difference between an enthusiastic and a cynical employee is huge!

If you want your sales representatives and customer service team to spread a good image of your company, invest in their well-being. Make sure that your staff feels good and that they are excited about what they do.

An another example on the same subject:

One of my good friends told me recently about a caulker that had just caulked the walls of his house that was under construction. He told me that this guy is the best caulker money can buy.

"Why?", I asked.

He told me that this man was a very professional and extremely postive and a good guy. He also was very proud of his work.

The result was that the caulker got five new referral sales from my friends promotions.

What if this caulker had been a tired and bored mediocre laborer? He wouldn’t have gotten any referrals from my friend. I have to say again that you need to invest in your people. Make sure they love their work and commit to your company. Make sure you know how to motivate them. Figure out the most important things that make them satisfied or unsatisfied.

Always amplify your strengths. Also find out the most important weaknesses of your company and fix them. Usually enthusiasm depends on small things. Still. the most important thing is the culture.

Make sure that you have a common goal that you all work for. Recruit only people that fit in your organization. Don’t only recruit expertise. In the worst case an expert that that does not share the same values with others can ruin your whole work atmosphere. Invest in your people because they are the most important resource that you have.

Measure the excitement level of your staff and do your everything to make your employees spread a positive message about your company!

 Tuomas Haapsaari / CMO