Customer Experience management - Unleash the growth potential

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A new level of Customer Experience management

It's becoming more and more challenging to find a business that doesn't declare as customer-centric.

Customers are listened to, respected, acknowledged, and served.


All of these things are undoubtedly done, but how complete is the overall picture of what's actually happening and are we getting a proper visibility about the customer journey or a dashboard that shows us the different stages of the customer journey in real-time? When we can get a visual representation of how customers are faring in real-time, effective Customer Experience management becomes considerably easier.

What does real-time Customer Experience management mean in practice?

How would it be if...

  1. you could see on a dashboard how customers rated you at different stages of their journey
  2. you could set up automatic notifications for things like churn risks or the need for additional services and
  3. you could do all of this without having to manually manage customers in any new system - by linking your current CRM to a visualization and customer management system that provides a best-in-class respondent experience?

In practice, a customer management system would look something like this:

Managing Customer Experience

Of course, the data model for customer management and the key performance indicators that are derived from it will vary depending on the specific stages in your process.

Let's put this to the test - practical questions

  • What are the key performance indicators important to you at different stages of the customer journey? Is your order-to-delivery process lengthy and should measuring begin at the very beginning of the funnel? At what stage are your customers ready to give you feedback on your service - before they've even made a purchase decision or only after they've committed to your service?
  • Do you have different customer lists in your CRM that correspond to different stages in the customer journey? I'm going to assume that you do. In that case, you're already quite close to the situation where you could send them a short and user-friendly survey about their customer experience. Let's use a really compact question set here - just a question about NPS and an open-ended question. So something like "On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend our company based on your experience to date?"
  • The same type of question at different stages of the customer journey and it is easy to compare the NPS scores of the different parts of the survey on a dashboard. Could this type of visualization help you manage your Customer Experience more effectively?

    Here is a simplified visualization of survey process:

Automated Survey process

How the Customer Experience management model is implemented in practice

This is actually quite easy to set up - no worries. In the first stage, you need to have respondent lists for all of the different stages of the customer journey that you want to measure. Can these be updated automatically when the customer moves through the customer journey - from the quotation stage to becoming a customer? Usually, they can.

Now let's move into the Zeffi world.

A few easy steps:

  1. Create a short survey for each stage of the customer journey that you want to measure.
  2. Import your respondent list as a spreadsheet or bring it over an integration.
  3. Publish the survey and link to the external respondent list. You can automate the sending of the survey so that new people on the external list will receive an invitation automatically. Examine the results on the report. If you want to see how responses develop over time, just turn on trend analysis.
  4. If you want to create a comparison report, you can link the different stages of the customer journey to the same report using the compare surveys function. Note that you can also export enriched customer data back into your CRM so you can see the latest NPS score and open comments directly in your CRM.
  5. If you want, you can also export the results to an external visualization system such as Power BI via the Responses API.
    Are you ready to begin: