10 tips for creating a popular online quiz

Online quizzes are a brilliant tool for viral marketing.  Users enjoy quizzes with a game like experience, incisive recommendations and enticing results. The quizzes often spread swiftly because the users feel encouraged to share their quiz results: the most popular quizzes reach over a million users!

As an example Kutsumuskone that was created by Monster and the Finnish Academy of Philosophy reached over 220 000 users in the first three days after the release and a careertest by Suosikki reached over 600 000 users during the first week of the release.

We have implemented thousands of quizzes in collaboration with our customers and based on our experience we listed 10 steps for creating popular online quizzes:

1.  Find your target audience

Before creating the quiz find your target audience. Finding your target audience will guide you in the decisions you need to make.

2. Find the right topic for your target audience

When you know your target audience, find the topic for the quiz. List different topics that interest your target audience. When you have several choices to choose from it will be easy to find the final diamond!

3. Produce surprising and amusing results

The content of the quiz results can be the most crucial factor for creating virality. The content has a great impact on if the user feels encouraged to share the result on social media. The results need to be incisive, but at the same time surprising and fun.

4. Create a suitable number of questions

A popular online quiz contains 8 to 15 questions. The first question has a very important role so plan something surprising and amusing. We do not recommend multiple-choice questions since there is a risk that the user does not find any of the alternatives suitable and he or she may not continue to the next questions.

5. Invest in visual appearance

Visual appearance is an important part of the online quiz. A game like appearance attracts users. Make sure that each quiz you make is visually entertaining.

6. Enable social media sharing

Online quizzes spread rapidly in social media. It is of utmost importance that the user has the possibility to share the quiz result at least in Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. A successful online quiz encourages as much as 40 % of the users to share their result in social media. Embrace this opportunity!

It is important to note that the content is the key. Just like in blogs. Some blogs round up a great number of readers and others hardly any at all. Therefore, the content has a significant role in online quizzes.

7.  Arrange a contest or a similar attraction

Contests are a great way to encourage users to click their way to the online quiz. The prizes do not have to be valuable. It is enough that they are useful. Creativity has a significant role here too.

8.  Make the test visible

Position the quiz as visibly as possible on your website so that your website visitors spot it immediately when they open your site. Naturally the number of website visitors impacts the number of quiz users. A well made quiz can go viral without a great website visitor crowd, however it does help.

9. Actively market the test

It pays to market the quiz in different marketing channels. Post the quiz regularly in social media rather than only posting the quiz once. If you post the quiz regularly you will get more visitors and more social media shares right from the start.   

Use employees as messengers. Employees’ posting their results is a good start for spreading the quiz. It is also useful to mention the quiz in your newsletter. Quiz links are often the most clicked link in newsletters.

10.  Treat the users with an enjoyable experience.

Humans are impatient. It is very important that the online quiz works smoothly. The user should never have to ponder what to do next. Once you get their attention you should direct users to a page you want them to go after filling up a quiz. Otherwise traffic could go away.

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