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VotingAid® is the world’s most popular tool for helping people make more educated decisions in elections, when choosing a candidate who best matches an individual voter’s needs.

This web-based tool has gone through a vast scale of scientific research. VotingAid® took a breakthrough step when in 2006, ZEF Ltd. in cooperation with Finland’s biggest media house, MTV3, was launched for Finland’s presidential election. MTV3 VotingAid has been the most popular application in Finland for seven years in a row.

Since then, ZEF has been producing the world’s most popular candidate selection tools. Our most important international VotingAid partner is Al Jazeera Arabic. We have a mission together: We Will Bring Democracy and Transparency to the Whole World.

VotingAid.com – Your portal of democracy and transparency

Make Your Election Transparent for Voters

The basic idea of VotingAid® is very simple. In constructing a VotingAid, one chooses the most interesting discussion topics of the election and decides on the best set of questions.

A couple facts about the VotingAid®

Three out of four voters say that the VotingAid has had some effect on their voting decision. One of four people makes their decision based straight from the VotingAid’s results. VotingAid has increased voting activity by 23 %.

Saying that, VotingAid is one of the most important tools available for voters. This is why our mission is so simple. We create transparency and democracy for the whole world.

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VotingAid gives the best information available for the pre-election analytics

The analytics and reporting possibilities are so incredible, it is hard to believe! Every answer that the users give on the VotingAid, is saved in the database. And by pressing one button, the report appears on your screen. It can´t get any easier. You gain information that cannot be measured in money, through reports: You know exactly what the voters think.

Basically you

  1. Engage voters,
  2. Enhance visits to your website and
  3. Promote democracy.

So what do you think? Should we start working now to make your election more democratic and transparent, for the benefit of the voters?

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Here are a few satisfied VotingAid users:

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Both voters and candidates alike have enjoyed using our Votingaid. Usability has proven to be great and the feedback we’ve received has been very positive. Our experiences of working with ZEF are wonderful; there are energetic, young people who are always with a very positive attitude innovating with us. An inspiring partner! Sami Ruokangas, MTV3

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